Bed Bug Training Seminar

Hosted by Bugmenot Pest Control and Apartment Association of Southeast Texas

This full-day seminar has been specifically designed to help multifamily maintenance professionals learn the skills and practices necessary to effectively diagnose, identify and eliminate these pests from their properties. In turn, preventing potential infestations from happening.

Come find out why and learn important information about where bed bugs come from, what they do, and how to limit your chances of getting them at your rental properties. Bed bugs were once a common pest of many homes, but for several decades, were almost unheard of. In recent years, they have re-emerged as a major pest species throughout the US, and in many other parts of the world. They are now very common in homes, apartments, hotels, and even in some businesses. We will discuss possible reasons for this re-emergence, as well as demonstrate how to inspect and cover treatment options for bed bug infestations.


Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Beaumont Plaza