MakerSpace Workshop – Circuits at BMT Children’s Museum

Workshops will be held at 11AM and 2PM. Although it has been used as an energy source for over 100 years, many people don’t understand the basic principles of electricity. At this Makerspace workshop, students begin to develop an understanding of electrical current by acting out an electric circuit with some cool toys. Then they use critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning to create their own electric circuits using a few simple materials. Each child will leave with their own completed paper circuit and bug bot.

The cost is an aditional $3 per participant in the workshop. If parents are not participating in the workshop but want to be there to help their child, there will be no charge for the parent.

Maker Space is a facilitated workshop area within the museum where visitors make, create, tinker, invent, innovate, discover, and do so much more. In this facilitated space, children and youth will become participatory learners by uncovering their talents, needs, and interests by making, producing, solving, creating, collaborating and thinking.


Beaumont Children’s Museum